Excellence in performance at work is rewarded at Klenepaks. Klenepaks believes that employees who work hard, and show tangible results should be rewarded. Employees are appraised on their performance regularly to ensure that they are doing well on their jobs. Employees are encouraged to think proactively, develop ideas on their own, and be creative. Klenepaks believes that employees should do what they love and enjoy doing.

Employees who show potential are encouraged to take on further responsibilities, so that they can work with more confidence and authority. Regular training programs are arranged on a range of topics, from technology to soft skills, to ensure that our employees constantly update their knowledge base and develop new skills. Employees are also encouraged to research and learn more on areas related to their work by attending workshops, seminars and training programs that are conducted by other leading organizations and consultants.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Klenepaks is in a state of rapid growth and development. Klenepaks is looking for people with a flair and passion for technology, a burning desire to excel, be part of a team of highly competent and focused individuals driving the future of the company.

Kindly include the following details in your resume:

»   Percentage of marks obtained in class 10, PUC (or class 12), and degree levels.

»  Names of the institutions in which you studied.

»   Year in which each level of education was completed.

»   Chronologically list out all the previous companies you have worked for, clearly mentioning  the period during which you      worked for these companies.

»   Current CTC and expected CTC details.

»   Your contact details (phone numbers and mailing address)


Please send us your detailed profile in Word format (as an attachment) to manikantan6@live.in