Klene Paks is operating their business through 5 manufacturing units. The company has a production capacity of 60,000 MT per annum, beside the organization is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 Certification and our world-class infrastructure is characterized by latest technology, and an amiable working environment.

Extrusion plant:

The Inventory of Tape plant consists of most modish version of state-of art machines from M/S Lohia Starlingers & JP Extrusions . These machines are supported by Dosing & Hot Air Drier unit from M/S Prasad Koch Tech which feeds raw material in hot and pre-determined proportions which is extruded and wound into bobbins in winders.


Looms inventory consists of high speed 6 shuttle world class power looms 1-5 yrs old of Lohia Starlinger, GCL & SLV Lenos. These looms are structured to produce 621 varieties of fabrics capacitated in variance of 12” to 55” unique in the sub-continent catering to all applications such as Cement, fertilizers, packaging solutions for all food and bulk Pharma.


JP Industries make lamination machines are designed to give an extra coating of plastic on the all measurements of woven and nonwoven fabrics which may include BOPP film also as per the clientele needs.

Twisting Yarn machine:

The tape line plants in-house are equipped to fibrillate the tapes and further these tapes are twisted to increase the strength in twisting yarn machine of M/S Kristeel –Shinwa make.

Liner and Pouches machine:

M/S Kabra & M/S Rajoo form the inventory of liner machines producing HMHDPE / LLDPE / LDPE lines & pouches capacitated for 15”-48”.

Finishing Department:

1. Highly skilled & trained work force
2. Roll to Roll online printing Machine
3. Sacks printing Single to Multi-Colours.
4. On-line Sacks cutting Machine
5. Bale-Press Machine.
6. Stitching Machine.

Compounding additive machine:

M/s Steer Extrusion coupled with under-water Palletizers `from BKG Germany manufactures quality compounding additives.

Re-Cycling Plant :

Austrian New Generation Re-cycling machine(NGR) constitute the Re-Cycling plant converts all forms of Plastic waste to usable RP-Granules.